The Wörld Is Yours

The god that failed

For many tears the European Union has been seen as an almost perfect model by some scholars. Just to mention one of them: Jeremy Rifkin. Rifkin published in 2004 the book “The European Dream: How Europe’s Vision of the Future Is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream”. According to Rifkin, the “European Dream” is one where… » read more

Victims of changes

In the last month we have experienced a paradigm shift in the relations among EU Member States, and not a positive one after all. In the first instance, we have assisted to Greece taking a stand against IMF, part of the EU Institutions and, most of all, against Germany. The decision to postpone and conditioning… » read more

Hell or Hallelujah

Finally the Italian farce of political elections is over and it is now time to make some analysis. Yesterday I had the guts to spend my evening watching some political talk shows. Not an easy task, but it has been a good exercise to understand the final status of Italian politics and politicians. I have… » read more

Reinventing the steel

Despite what the title of this post might sound like, I am not going to write about Pantera’s album having the same title (Pantera was a preeminent hard and heavy band), but of what it is going on in Italy with the ILVA in Taranto. As it is widely known, the management has decided to… » read more

After having dealt with UK positions towards the European Union, it is necessary to understand EU position towards United Kingdom. As already stated yesterday, UK a member of the back in time ECC in 1973. Before that, anyway, UK applied for membership in 1961 and 1967. So what was the problem? One country: France. De… » read more

Well over half of British voters now want to leave the European Union, according to an opinion poll that shows anti-EU sentiment is sweeping through all three main political parties. The Opinium/Observer survey finds that 56% of people would probably or definitely vote for the UK to go it alone if they were offered the… » read more

One of the next big challenges for the European Union will be on the effectiveness of its new budget for the next seven years (2014-2020). The reason why it will be a challenge is given for a set of simple reasons. First of all, it s important to notice that in a period of structural… » read more

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